September 28, 2007

2. Commuter Challenge

This year’s Commuter Challenge event saved the equivalent of the following in eCO2 emissions, a significant increase from 2006:

878 Passenger cars not driven for one year!
462,059 Gallons of gasoline!
9,435 Barrels of oil!
21 Railcars of coal burned!
169,036 Propane cylinders used for home barbeques!
3,381 Acres of pine or fir forests storing carbon for one year!
104,022 Number of tree seedlings grown for 10 years!
521 Household electricity use for one year (number of households)!
33 Acres of forest preserved from deforestation!
54 Tanker trucks filled with gasoline!
1,366 Tons of waste recycled instead of land filled!